Morella, a walled village.


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There are many reason to visit Morella and I´m going to to show you this delightful place. It is a township located in the north of the province of Castellón and it is the capital of Los Puertos de Morella region. This gorgeous village belongs to network Los Pueblos más Bonitos de España since 2013. It takes you 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive from Castellón by car.


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This small town keeps up its medieval wall of 2 kilometres long, ten towers and seven entrances of which San Mateo gateway and San Miguel gateway are the most spectacular. The wall thichness is between 10 to 15 meters, therefore it is quite impressive. Moreover, it is essential to walk along Morella because you can enjoy discovering its streets with arcades and manor houses.


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The most important religious temple is Santa María La Mayor Church whose style is Gothic and it was declared to be a site of Cultural Interest in 1931. The main façade is consisted of  the Puerta de los Apóstoles and the Puerta de las Vírgenes. In the first portal it can be seen the Twelve Apostles in the doorpost, this is why it is given its name. The tympanum is decorated with reliefs which show the life of the Holy Virgin and Infant Jesus. Also there is an inscription in Latin: non est in toto orbe locus sanctior iste (there isn´t in the world a more holy site than this). This epigraph is the same as in the San Juan de Letrán Basilica in Roma because both churches used to share privileges by the papal bull of Pope Inocencio XII (1691-1700). The second doorway is dedicated to Santa Úrsula who is represented as the Prudent Virgin that is siting on a throne in the tympanum.



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Inside, sure to catch your eye the altapiece of the Churrigueresque main altar which is composed of various panel paintings such as the Holy Trinity, the Asumption, the Last Supper, the Nativity or Worship of the Three Wise Men.



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Moreover, you can discover the amazing Renaissance chorus (15th century). Its spiral staircarse is decorated with multi-coloured reliefs. In the retrochoir there are sculptures that represent the scene of the Last Judgement.  The chorus is held up by ribbed vault which is practically flat, apart from the fact that it is not supported in its central part.






Also,  you can look at the magnificent Baroque organ which is considered the most important of the Region of Valencia.




An indispensable visit in Morella is the architectural ensemble of the Castle and Convent of San Francisco. The convent is the entrance to the complex, also it preserves the church, remains of the cloisters and the chapter house which keeps the rests of mural paintings.







The castle is at the top of  the hill and it is made up of three rings to the defence. During the tour you could enjoy marvellous views of the village and its surroundings such as the remains of the aqueduct. In addittion, you can find sculptures, cannons, small caves and chambers to visit.



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If you travel with kids, don´t miss the Tiempo de Dinosaurios Museum where there is a natural size reproduction of an Iguandon, so it is the most astonishing attraction for children.



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Another place to visit is the cave of Morella La Vella that was named World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here you can find schematic representations about hunting scenes in a small cave. Furthermore, you could enjoy hiking, cycling and horse riding around this charming village.


España-Comunidad Valenciana-Castellón-Morella la Vella-Galería Alta de la Masía 10

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These are some of the reasons to visit this small town. Would you like to stay in Morella?



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