Chulilla, nature, sport and hanging bridges.

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Chulilla is a small town of white houses in the province of Valencia that is surrounded by a lush natural area. It is 60 kilometres distance from the capital. It takes you 50 minutes to get by car. This village belongs to Los Serranos region.



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It is located at the feet of the mountain which is crowned by the remains of the Arabic Castle and also the wall is preserved. In the historical center the most characteristic monuments are set,  such as Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles Church which was built over site of an ancient mosque from the 15th to 16th century. Another important building is Santa Bárbara Hermitage where the image of the town´s patron is kept.


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This village stands out for lovely landcapes that surround it. Due to the erosion of the Turia River, it has been produced an astonishing canyon which is known as Hoces de Chulilla, with a total area of around 4 kilometres. It consists of a wall whose height can reach up to 160 metres and 10 metres of width, so you can discover more than 300 routes to practise climbing. There is Las Cuevas viewpoint from which you can watch this dramatic canyon. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Region of Valencia and it is not very known.


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Inside the canyon you come across with several natural pools wich are recommendable to cool yourself off in summer. The most popular is El Charco Azul that is on the outskirts and the access is easy, even there is a path from Chulilla. Here you could enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water enclosed by nature.


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South of Chulilla is the Falfiguera Ravine where you can hike. Here, you could visit the cave paintings that display portrayed humans and animal figures. They can be found in place with difficult access, so they have been well preserved. These representations were discovered in 1998.



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The most well-known hiking route is The Hanging Bridges because the landcaspe is simply marvellous. The bridges were made in the 1950s like shortcuts of the workers of the Loriguilla reservoir to come back to Chulilla. The tallest bridge is 15 metres over the river and 21 metres long, so I don´t advise you if you are afraid of heights. Also, you can find until 9 different trekking ways.


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After an awesome and exhausting day, you can´t miss tasting the traditional pastries of which the most famous is El Reguiño. It similar to bread with a sweet flavour.



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Chulilla is an ideal destination to practise adventure sports, to enjoy nature such as cooling you down in its natural pools. Do you feel like doing anything of these activities?



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