Montanejos, thermal village.

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Montanejos is an interesting small town whose origin is Arab. It is situated in the province of Castellón,  in the Alto Mijares region. It takes you to get around 1 hour 15 minutes from the capital and Valencia city by car.


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In this lovely village you can find several historical monuments such as the castle which is set in a strategic location on the top of the mountain. Over time, this building was derelict and was dismantled by the residents to make terraces, houses and farmyard. Therefore, nowadays the fortress keep up a few remains, two towers and the cistern.


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If you walk through Montanejos, San José Bridge will catch your eye. It was constructed over de Montán River in 1803. It is composed of three semicircular arches and inside there is a small irrigation canal. In the middle of the bridge you can come across with two niches where are representing Virgen de los Desamparados and San José who are the patron saints of Valencia.


Puente San Jose-Montanejos

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Also you will bump into the Arabic Tower which is integrated into the façade of the Condes de Valterra Palace. This monument was declared Cultural Interest of Valencia heritage. In front of the tower is Santiago Apóstol Church which was built in the 18th century. The crossing is covered by a dome on pendentives where the four Evangelists are represented.



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On the Mijares river bank you can find remains of the Arabic baths and ancient flour mil of the 19th century which is currently restored.



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One of the most important attractions of Montanejos is the Fuente de los Baños. It is a natural spring whose temperature is 25ºC without variation. Its water has benefical properties for health. You can enjoy swimming in a natural pools and there is a picnic area to eat and relax. There is a legend about the King Zeit-Abu-Zeit who ordered to built baths for his harem and this way the women could keep young and beautiful.



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Los Estrechos is a gorge, where the Mijares River is embedded inside vertical rock walls which measure 100 metres height. Therefore, it is a perfect side to practice climbing, kayaking, rafting and hiking.



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Another spectacular natural resource is El Chorro. It is the astonishing drainage point of the Arenoso Reservoir. The amount of water threw out is 41 cubic metres per second. You can enjoy the sight from a bridge nearby.


el aliviadero disminuido

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If you like archeology, you might visit La Cueva Negra that is 800 metres distance from Montanejos. This cave is the largest in The Region of Valencia, whose measurement is 2,300 square metres. It was named “black cave” because its ceiling is black by soot of campfires. Also, it was used  as a refuge for livestocks.



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Montanejos is well-known for its spa where you can relax, enjoy beauty and wellness treatments such as massages, manicure, pedicure, peeling and mud therapy among many others. It was built in 1997 and it uses water coming out from La Fuente de los Baños, which is recommended to alleviate rheumatism and breathing problems.


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This awesome village is a natural paradise of thermal springs where you can relax, swin and practice adventure sports. Would you feel like visiting Montanejos?



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