La Vall d´Uixó, the longest navigable underground river of Europe.

Hello traveller!

La Vall d´Uixó is a town which is situated in the south of the province of Castellón. It takes you half a hour to arrive from the capital and 40 minutes from Valencia city by car.


The main charme of this village are Les Coves de Sant Josep that were declared of Touristic Interest. This site was inhabited by nomads in the Paleolithic period. So, nowadays you can discover cave paintings which were declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Also, a Roman tombstone was found here which was dedicated to Cneo Crasao, Marco Licinio Craso´s son who was a Roman consul.

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Les Coves de Sant Josep consists of five caves which are connected each other. Inside, the temperature is around 20ºC, so it is perfect to visit in summer because you can cool yourself and enjoy beautiful sights. The tour takes you about 45 minutes, part of the route is by boat and the other part is on foot. Some of the most dramatic rooms of the cave are La Sala de los Murciélagos ( The Hall of the Bats), Lago de Diana ( Diana´s Lake) and El Lago Azul ( The Blue Lake). The first room is 10 metres wide and 35 metres long. In the past, it was inhabited by thousands of bats that is why its name. The second cave is 5 metres and its name is due to the rounded shape. The Blue Lake is 12 metres deep, being the deepest area of the underground river. Also, during the trip you will see amazing rocky shapes which were formed by the water erosion such as Devil´s Face or stalactites for example The Jellyfish on the ceiling on the left in the Moreneta room.

As soo as you finish the tour, you could enjoy its surroundings where you will find a playground, picnic area and barbeques. Also, near you can visit remains of Iberian village. 

After, I suggest you to walk through its streets. In Duques de Segorbe Square you will discover two aqueducts. L ´Alcudia medieval aqueduct is the smallest and it is composted of a semicircular arch. The most important is Sant Josep Roman aqueduct that consists of five arches of which are three pointed arches and two semicircular arches.

Also, if you are interested in architecture, you can visit San Ángel Custodio Church which is the oldest in La Vall d´Uixó. This building was declared of Cultural Interest in 1981. Another religious temple that you can visit is Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Chruch whose style is Baroque. Its undulanting façade will catch your eye.

Les Coves de Sant Josep are geological marvel, are unique in Spain and the longest navigable underground of Europe is here. Why don´t you visit La Vall d´Uixó? This charming village will not leave you indifferent.

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