Bocairent, the living rock.

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Bocairent is a town in the south of the province of Valencia. Its name comes from the Arabic language and it means  “honeycomb”. It is set in Sierra de Mariola Natural Park, so this lovely village is surrounded by dramatic mountains and lush landscape. It takes you to arrive 1 hours 20 minutes from Valencia city by car. Its location is ideal to practise hiking and other adventure activities. Here, the Clariano and Vinalopó rivers are born.


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This impressive village was declared a Historic-Artistic Site. I suggest you to walk through its historic centre and amazing steep streets, so I recommend you to wear comfortable shoes. During the tour you could find a total of 11 natural springs to drink, therefore it goes well for warm days. Also you can come across with different brigdes which the oldest is Darrere la Vila Bridge. It is situated over the Clariano River and is composed of a big semicircular arch and the road is stone pavement which is slightly sloped to make the rainwater run toward the railing of the bridge. Other remarkable bridge is La Masía del Giner Bridge that consists of a Roman semicircular arch. In addition, you can bump into three aqueducts which supplied the town with water. The Arcatea de Micalás is the only one of them that has the date of construction engraved in the central arch.

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Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Church is the most important religious temple of Bocairent. It was built on the ancient Arabic castle and it was consecrated in 1516. The church is composed of Gothic and Baroque style. Its floor consists of three halls which are separated by pilasters where there are sculptures of Apostles and celebrities of that time. In the main altar you can discover the most significant pictorial artworks of this temple which was painted by Joan de Joanes. He was a famous Renaissance artist of The Region of Valencia and he was owner of a great workshop.


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Also you can visit the bull ring which is the oldest in the Region of Valencia, the Cave Convent, hermitages, several museums such as Municipal Archaeological Museum, Antonio Ferri Museum, Parish Museum, Trades and Customs Museum, Party Museum, “El Lleó de Bocairent” Exhibition, Paleontology Museum and “Home de la Manta” Museum.

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On the outskirt, you could discover The Moorish Caves that is a Artistic-Historical Monument. It consists of a group of man-made cave which are connected with each other. In the past, they were used as burial place, and later the caves were used to keep grain.

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The festival of Moros y Cristianos (Moorish and Christians) was declared of Touristic Interest and it is held the first Friday of February. The colourful clothing, music and the smell of gunpowder, will not leave you indifferent. In addition, Les Danses ( The Dances) is another celebration that takes place from 23rd to 27th of August in the Town Hall Square. In the day of Saint Augustine, the feasts are concluded with mass, procession and offering of flowers. Finally, I suggest you to taste herbero that is a typical local spirit drink of the Sierra de Mariola. It composed of selected aromatic herbs macerated in a mixture of anise.

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Bocairent has a historical-artistic and cultural heritage. In addition,  this lovely town is located on an mountain, so you can practice hiking, kayaking, balloon riding, among other activities in the  surroundings. Come along and visit the living rock!

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