Vilafamés, one of the loveliest small towns in Spain.

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Vilafamés is an inland village in the province of Castellón. It takes you half an hour from the capital. It has fewer than 2,000 inhabitants.



This picture was extracted from Via Michelin

This small town is set in the summit of hill and its origin is Arabic. It was declared Historic Site in 2005. It is well-known for the historical centre where you can walk along its steep narrow cobblestone streets. So I suggest you to wear comfortable shoes or trainers.



This picture was extracted from Vilafamé


Vilafamés is known for its old town. Strolling through the streets peacefully, transports us to its Arabic origins with narrow, winding streets, corners that make one fancy staying. Also, noteworthy its castle on top that was made in the Muslim Age and its name was “Beni-Hamez”. It was conquered by king James the First (Jaume I) and overtime it was refurbished. Its current appearance was made in 19th century during the Carlist Wars, when the main circular tower was built.



This picture was extracted from Vilafamé



Next to the castle you can come across with L´Abric del Castell (small cave of the castle) where you will see notable schematic cave paintings from the Bronze Age. They were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998. In addition,  you could find this type of paintings in caves such as El Tossal de la Font and La Cova Matutano, and the Mallasén Rocks.


These pictures were extracted from Vilafamé


If you walk through the main street, you can find  the old washing place and Roca Grossa (Huge Rock) nearby, in the Font street. It is an impressive rock whose weight is 2,163.2 tones and it is 222 million years old. There is a legend that if you touch it, you have to ask three wishes and at least one of them will come true.




The most important religious buildings are Iglesia de la Sangre ( La Sangre Church) and Iglesia de la Asunción (Church of the Assumption). The first was built the conquest of king James of Aragon. The remains of Muslim archiecture were used to build such as a cistern and wall. The second was made in 15th century and was remoled in 18th.



Iglesia- de-la-Sangre

This picture are extracted from Destino provincia de Castellón  and  Wikipedia

For archaeology  lovers, I recommend to go to Els Estrets- el Racó de Rata. There are of Iberian village that is situated on the outskirts of Vilafamés. This archaeological site is date between to I.B.C. It consists of 0.3 hectares and it keeps the wall, streets, houses and remmants of rituals.



This picture was extracted from Vilafamé

In this small town, several festivities are held through all year, but I am only going to mention three:

  • San Antonio Abad, in January. There are houses procession and bonfires in the streets.
  • San Miguel Arcángel, on the fourth Sunday of Lent. The citizens go to San Miguel Arcángel Hermitage, and after the mass they eat an outdoor meal. There is a street market.
  • The patronal feast is in August. Many activities are carried out such as concerts, streets parties, exhibitions, ….



san antonio abad

The feast day of San Antonio Abad. This picture was extracted from Vilafamé


Also, Vilafamés is a good place to practice hiking or mountain biking, and you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, so I recommend you this small town if you travel with your pet. This wonderful villages is a good option to spend a few days. Do you decide to come here?


    • Thanks for your kind words. I love that Spain is in your bucket list destination.

      On Charming Villages! You can discover several places of The Region of Valencia.

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  1. Love Vilafames, and also so glad i found your blog! Thanks for writing down all the history for us fellow visitors, really useful. Im off to read the rest and see if I can find somewhere to visit this weekend. Keep them coming!

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    • Hi!

      I am delighted that you love and enjoy my blog, Charming Village!. The Region of Valencia is an area with a great historic heritage and impressive landscapes.

      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂


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