Agres: culture, nature and snow.

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Agres is a small town in the interior of the province of Alicante, which is located within the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park. It has approximately 565 inhabitants. Its etymology could come from a Latin word “àger” whose meaning is field, or “agger” that means height or elevation.

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If you walk through its streets, you could come across with some of its drinking fountains of spring water, such as: Fuente del Medio, Fuente del Convento, Fuente del Arrabal, Fuente de Barxeta, Fuente del Assud, Fuente de Bonell and La Fonteta. There is also an old wash-house where the women of Agres used to wash clothes.


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In addition, you can discover San Miguel Church whose date of construction is unknown and its bell tower was never finished.


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This delightful town preserves remains of the Muslim castle for example part of the wall and the Atalaya Tower. This building was declared Monument of Cultural Interest and Historical Heritage of Spain in 1985.


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Near the castle we can bump into the Virgen del Castillo Sanctuary which was built with the stones of the fortress in 1577. According to the legend, in August 1484, Santa María Church of Alicante city was get on fire and the virgin Mary statue disappeared. The next day, the Virgin was found by a shepherd in the ruins of the fortress. This man was one-armed and the virgin gave him a new arm. The statue was brought to the church of Agres, but it disappeared and it was found again in the same place. So the citizen built a modest hermitage which was later converted into the convent.


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If you like hikking, I recommend you the route of the Cavas or Neveros. The “cavas o neveros” were places where snow was collected to make ice which was sold to preserve foods. At the present, you could visit: La Cava de Don Miguel, La Cava de la Habitación, La Cava del buitre, and the most remarkable is La Cava Grande which was built in the 17th century. Other side that you could explore is the Montcabrer that is the highest peak of the Sierra de Mariola and it is the 3rd higest peak of the province of Alicante.


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In Agres you can discover the small flora reserve of La Teixera which is the most sourtherly forest of Europe. It has a great ecological importance and it is composted of 33 yew trees.


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The main festivities are:

  • La Festa del Pi ( the festivity of pine tree): its origin is in the Middle Age. When Lent was approaching, the citizens took power for 40 hours and they could do whatever without prohibitions. The nobles of Agres indicated the limit of their lands with pine trees. The inhabitants cut down these trees, so the lords did not know where their lands ended. Currently, the festivity consists of burning pine trees in the town square during the weekend before Ash Wednesday. It is the oldest popular holiday that is held in Agres.

  • La Festa de Sant Miquel: on 29th September. San Miguel is the patron of the village. Different events are celebrated such as masses, parades, and street parties.

  • La Festa del Pastoret o Festa de la Mare de Deu d´Agres: its is celebrated on 1,6,7,8 and 9 September. The most important act is the staging of the miracle of the virgin Mary and the shepherd.


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If you feel like visiting Agres, It will take you 1 hour and 15 minutes to get  from Valencia and 1 hour from Alicante city by car.


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