Callosa d´en Sarrià and its Natural Springs.

Hello vistors!

Callosa d´en Serrià is an inland town of the province of Alicante. It takes you get about 1 hour from Alicante city and almost 2 hours from Valencia by car.


Its name means  “dry land or hard land” in Latin. Originally, it was a Muslim farmstead. After the Christian reconquest which was carried out by Jaime I, in the 13th century, it was acquired by Admiral Bernat de Serrià in 1290. Since then, this town was called Callosa d´en Serrià (Callosa of lord Sarrià). Throught its history, it has been property of different noble families.

This awesome village is crossed by two rivers, Algar and Gaudalest. Also, it is surrounded by several mountain ranges: Aitana, Bernia and Xortà.


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Nowadays, in its historical center the medieval structure of the streets is preserved. El Portal is the only access gateway that has been kept at the present. It consists of a semicircular arch which is the link between the houses of even numbers and odd numbers on Major Street.


This picture was extracted from Ajuntament de Callosa d´en Sarrià.

In Spain Square, you can find San Juan Bautista Church which was built in 1574. Later, this temple has been modified many times, such as its façade that is Neoclassical style with four columns of Ionic style, a frieze and a tympanum over the entrance door.


This picture was extracted from Ajuntament de Callosa d´en Sarrià.

If you wan to know more about the history of Callosa d´en Serrià, I recommend you to visit the Ethnological and Archaelogical Museum, the acces is free.


This picture was extracted from Ajuntament de Callosa d´en Serrià.

This town is an ideal site for lovers of hiking, you can find different short-haul routes. For example, you could go to the Calvario hill where you will come across with a small ermitage. Another attractive route is the Bèrnia Castle because along the way you could discover old agricultural terraces, a caave that was used as a refuge of livestock. Furthermore, you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea, even in clear days you could see Ibiza island from the Bèrnia Castle.



These pictures were extracted from Apatita and Wikipedia.

This fortress was built by Juan Bautista Antoneli, a roya wngineer, in 1562, and it was a Renaissance construction. In 1612, the king Felipe III ordered to break down it, because the castle was useless, considering that it was situated far from the sea. So, at the moment, it only preserves some arches, the moat, the bastion, the cistern and remains of the wall. This building was declared Patrimony of Cultural Intrest in 1997.

Les Fonts L´Algar (L´Algar Natural Springs) are the main tourist attraction. It has been a protected area since 2002 which you can discover through a circuit of 1.5km along the Algar river. Here you can enjoy impressive waterfalls and several sources springs, the “tolls” which are natural swimming pools where you could have a dip during the summer months. Also, you can find the old dam and the ancient irrigation canals that continue in operation at the present.


These pictures were extracted from Escapadarural, flickr and Costablanca.

If you travel with kids, I suggest you to visit Dinopark that is a theme park about dinosaurs. Here, you can find several robotic models of real-size, play areas, a paleothological playround, 3D cinema and a cactii garden. It is 10 minutes far by car from Callosa d´en Serrià.


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Finally,  you can´t leave this lovely town without tasting loquats of this land, because they have Designation of Origin.


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Do you feel like discovering Callosa d´en Serrià?



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