Cofrentes, town surrounded by two rivers.

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Cofrentes is a wonderful town in inner of province of Valencia. It is located at the confluence of Júcar and Cabriel rivers, so it is surrounded by nature and you could see mountain goats, wild boars, or eagles. Its name comes from the Latin word “confluentum” whose meaning  “confluence”.  At the present, there are about 1,100 inhabitants. It takes you to arrive a little more than an hour from Valencia by car.


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Here you can find several walking and biking trails, and other activities such as kayaking to have fun with your friends or family.

One of the best-known places of Cofrentes is The Castle which was situated 95m. above the level of Cabriel river. It is the highest poin of this town. Originally, this building consisted of eight mansory towers and severl floors. Its decoration was the Gothic and Renaissance styles. Nowadays, some of these elements can still be seen. Its structure is divided in three parts:

  1. The lower enclosure or Albacar.
  2. The middle enclosure.
  3. The upper enclosure or Bastion.

The Keep preserves its late Gothic-Renaissance ornamentation. Here, you can find The Clock that has recently been restored. According to experts, the Cofrentes Clock is the oldest in the Region of Valencia. It was built before the middle 17th century. There are only two clocks with similar characteristics, one of them is in the Museum of Lodon (1600) and it was donated by the County of Kent, and the other is the clock of tower of Bernia in Switzerland (1530).

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Outside the town, you can come across with the Cerro de Agras Volcano which is considered the only recent volcanic origin of The Region of Valencia. It lost its typical volcano appearance because in the 80´s this area was exploited by a concrete company. This volcano throws out gasses in the Hervideros Spring (it is a hot spring, producing bubbles). So, here it is situated the Spa of Cofrentes where you can enjoy beauty and health treatments, and other activities.

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At sunset, I recommend you to take a boat ride on the Júcar where you can enjoy the views of huge mountains and lush landscapes.  Also, you see the Chirel Castle which belongs to Cortes de Pallás town. The ride takes you about one hour.


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If you like religious tourism, you can´t miss visiting Soledad Hermitage and La Casa del Hermano Pastor ( the Brother Pastor Home). These buildinds are next to the other. The hermitage is located in the Calvario Mountain, and from here you can see a beautiful panoramic of the Júcar. It was built in 1872 and Federico Arocas, who was “el hermano pastor” (the brother pastor), restored the hermitage in 1942. He was a very important Franciscan religious for inhabitants of Cofrentes because he devoted his life to recover the folklore of this town, such as the jota cofrentina. So, you can see several rooms and items made by him.


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In addition, in Cofrentes there are three main festivites:

  1. Fiestas de Agosto: they are celebrated on 15th of August in honour of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. The Queen of Party and her Court of Honour are chosen, the streets of this town are garnished to receive them. Alsom there are different events such as parades, street parties, shows,  a medieval market and sports activities.
  2. San Antonio Abad: it is held on mid-January. At night of “Sagatos”, the neighbours meet up to have a lunch around bonfires. The most important day is the 17th of January, when pets and other animales are blessed by the priest, and after a Mass is celebrated. There are other acts for example: parades, shows, open-air dances, popular lunches,  or singing of copla to Virgen de los Dolores. San Antonio Abad is the Patron Saint of Cofrentes.
  3. Fiestas de Mayo: they are held  on the begining of May, in honour of San José Obrero. The most outstanding act of these festivities is the descent of wood through the Cabriel river, it is called Maderada”. This trade gave fame to the inhabitants of Cofrentes for centuries, so they were nicknamed “madereros” (lumberer).


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Finally, you cannot leave without trying the typical local drink and meal. The Zuracapote is a drink that consists of grape juice, spirits, sugar and coffee, and the Olla Cofrentina is made with back beans thistles, bones of ham, pork pie, bacon of spine, black pudding, lamb and potatoes. This is an ideal dish to eat during winter.

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If you want to discover awesome places and delicatessens of Cofrentes, don´t miss it!


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