Ares del Maestrat and the cave paintings.

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Ares del Maestrat is a breathtaking town in the interior of province of Castellón. It has a strategic location and different cultures populated this land (Iberians, Romans, Muslims,..). I want to point out that it was the second Valencian town which was conquered by king James I.


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This amazing town is crowned by a flat topped hill where it is situated the Castle that was declared a Building of Cultural Interest in 1997. Here, you can find several architectural remains of Arab wall and towers, but practically nothing left of the castle.

Also, you can visit “El Museu de la Cova” (the Museum of Cave) which is digged through this flat topped hill. In this place, you can discover the history of Ares del Maestrat, from its origins in Prehistory to the 20th century.


This picture was extracted from Ares del Maestrat.

Another interesting building is the Ancient Market that is well-known as “Perxe”. It was built in the 13th century and the wall of the village was used as its load bearing wall. Its façade consists of pointed arches and double-lancet windows. In the 19th century, a butcher ´s was sett up in this site.


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The present City Hall is beside the ancient market. In this building you can see the access to the prison from the 13th century.


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De la Asunción de Nuestra Señora Church was built on the remains of Romanesque-Gothic church. So, the current construction was built in the 18th century and its style is Baroque. A particular characteristic of this building is that the church is higher than the bell tower, which is a structure of the 13th century.


This picture was extracted from Turismo de Castellón.

If you like hiking, in Ares de Maestrat you can discover several trails, such as “El Camí de la Mola”. This path leads you to the summit of the flat topped hill, where you enjoy gorgeous views of the valley.

Also, I recommend you “El Barranco dels Horts” (Dels Horts Cliff) where you come across with a magnificent example of Mediterranean forest. In this place, you will find some century oaks and kermes oaks which have a massive size. In addition, you can see some fascinating building made of dry stone that were used by shepherds as shelter. If you want to visit it, you have to ask for permission, for more information click here.


These pictures were extracted from Wikiloc.

Another place that you could visit is “El Barranco de los Molinos” (The Revine of Water Mills), where you will discover five hydraulic mills which dates from the middle of the 18th century. El Molino de El Sol de la Costa (El Sol de la costa water mill) preserves all machinery of grinding and nowadays, it is an ethnological museum.


This picture was extracted from La Spain.

Furthermore, I suggest you to visit “La Nevera dels Regatxols”, that was built in the 17th century as a warehouse of snow. This product was sold to people to keep food. At this moment, it is the interpretation center about trade of snow and ice. Also, you can see its well whose depth is 8 metres.

These pictures were extracted from Ares del Maestrat and Ares del Maestrat Turismo.

If you like cave paintings, you should visit the Remigia Cave and the Mola Remigia Cliff in the Gasulla Cliff. These sites belong to the Mediterranean Basin of the Iberian Peninsula which consists of several archeological sites of eastern Spain and it was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998.  This group is one of the largest collection of sites of cave painting art in all of Europe. In Remigia Cave you can see hunting scenes where there are presented about 700 human and animal figures. In the Mola Remigia Cliff there are about 300 figures. All these paintings were made between 700-1000 BC., and they were cataloged as Levantine art. You can only enjoy these fantastic cave paintings, if the visit is arranged previously. Click here for more information.

These pictures were extracted from Caminando por la Historia.

Ares del Maestrat is located in a privileged place. It takes you almost 2 hours from Valencia and a little more than one hour from Castellón de la Plana by car. Moreover, you can find close to this charming village  other interesting towns to visit such as: Castelfort, Morella, Catí, Villar de Canes, Benassal and Vilafranca del Cid.

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Come and visit this lovely town whose population is a little over 190 inhabitants. Discover and enjoy all its attractiveness.


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